RS NETS USA had it’s beginning in 2009 making bird nets. In 2011 our company saw the opportunity to improve the current fishing net market and create a product that is second to none. 

Today, we are dedicated to making top-of-the-line fishing nets. All our nets are manufactured by hand in-house at our facility in Nebraska, USA. This includes wrapping the handles, bending the hoops, and stitching the nets. 

We don’t budge on quality, which is why we’ve had our nets tested 1000 hours in saltwater to ensure an uncompromisable quality. 

Our landing net is the net you want by your side when you have a really tricky and stubborn fish on your line. You know you can’t trust the fish to be calm and submissive once it is close. However, you can trust your net to handle the fish once it’s netted. RS NETS USA is solid, and you can with confidence scoop the fish up. 

The nets are color customizable and come in a wide variety of sizes. This is to make sure we meet the needs of fishers, no matter which type of fish they have on the line. 

Equip yourself with a trustworthy and reliable fish landing net, so that the hard work you put into catching that fish doesn’t go to waste. 


To be the established and dependable go-to brand for all fishermen and -women throughout America and internationally because of our excellent quality and the sturdiness of our products. 


Providing outstanding service and creating strong and trusted relationships with partners and users worldwide. Remaining uncompromising in producing only the best, sustainable, solid products. 



Highest choice of material and exceptional attention to detail. This design has been tested and it is uniquely tailored for the best experience. We strive to use mostly local vendors and are proud to support our local community.


No time is wasted when using RS NETS USA! The aircraft grade aluminum is robust yet light—so virtually anyone can handle even our largest nets. Furthermore, hook-snag resistant, ergonomic, practical, and has interchangeable handles.


Our latex coated net functions to protect fish caught in the net. We aim to prevent fish suffering damage on scales or slime due to being netted.

We appreciate the great outdoors just like our customers and want to make sure our nets provide a way to net fish sustainably.



We offer color customization of our many different size nets and handles. Nothing beats finding the perfect color match or right size for our customers specific needs.